Polyester fiber acoustic board
Sound absorption:
100% polyester fiber high technical hot pressing and the shape of the cocoon cotton made of heat treatment to achieve the density of the common law to ensure ventilation, as sound and insulation materials in the excellent products in the 125 ~ 4000Hz noise range of the highest sound absorption coefficient of 0.9 Above, shorten and adjust the reverberation time according to different needs, eliminate the sound impurity, improve the sound effect, improve the clarity of the language. It is widely used in cinemas, conference rooms, indoor sports rooms, concert halls, classrooms, KTVs, hotels, family music rooms and so on. It has a high demand for sound, audio and video equipment testing room.
Traditional soft package like supple, rich natural material texture experience, a variety of modern colors available. Simple and elegant combination of modern decorative arts, can create a comfortable, quiet, modern, warm and yet elegant indoor environment.
Special sound-absorbing mechanism, creating excellent insulation performance, thus creating a very comfortable indoor constant temperature space environment.
Flame retardant:
Polyester fiber fireproof material, through a special processing technology, it has a good flame retardant performance. National B1 level fire detection report, give you a safe and practical guarantee.
Environmental protection:
Based on the polyester fiber, close to the natural color and characteristics of the national testing bodies issued by formaldehyde radioactive safety certification, the true sense of the green products.
Easy processing:
Beauty knife random cutting, a variety of colors with simple splicing, corner of the simple processing, perfect art drawings and different styles can easily be reflected.
Maintain simplicity:
Easy to dust, easy maintenance, dust and impurities with a vacuum cleaner and duster can be cleaned. You can also use a towel to add water and detergent to wipe.